About the Deanship

The Late Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Prime Minister, and President of the Council of Higher Education has approved the establishment of the Deanship of the Preparatory Year and Supporting Studies at Northern Border University under the Sublime Guidance No. 8439 dated 3/2/1433 AH and by Council of Higher Education's Decision No. 23-67-1432  at its meeting dated 24-12-1432H. The preparatory year is a crucial introduction to academic education and introduces and prepares students to study in different faculties. According to faculties requirements, students in the preparatory year take an intensive program in English,  computer science, math, basic science, and self-development. After admission to the university as first-year students, they study the first year (or first semester according to their respective faculties) at the Deanship of the Preparatory Year and supporting studies.

Dr. Farhan Khalaf Al-enzi
Dean of Preparatory Year and Supporting Studies
عمادة السنة التحضيرية والدراسات المساندة

Vision and Mission


Achieve leadership and excellence in preparing preparatory year students for university education


The Deanship seeks to teach students of the preparatory year English, self-development, computer and basic science and their applications, which is crucial to achieving active learning and community service through a stimulating environment for learning and creativity.


  • Prepare students for university education, familiarize them with their rights and duties and integrate them into university life.
  • Provide students with basic knowledge and skills that enable them to continue their university education.
  • Improve students' life skills and abilities.
  • Promote an educational environment that conforms to the requirements of academic accreditation standards.
  • Build outstanding partnerships to serve the university and the community.